Pathways for Change has been supporting survivors since 1973. We recognize that sexual violence is motivated by the need for power and control and is never the survivor’s fault.

Survivors often experience intense feelings as a result of the loss of control and violation they have suffered. Feelings may be present immediately after or years later.

multicultural and multilingual programs are availableSurvivors often feel alone and isolated and at Pathways for Change, we are here to help provide much deserved support. Our philosophy reflects our knowledge that sexual violence knows no boundaries of race, age, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic situation, disability or religion. We believe that everyone who has been impacted by sexual violence has the right to receive support. At Pathways for Change, all of our counseling services are comprehensive, FREE and CONFIDENTIAL to survivors and their family and friends who are affected by rape, incest, child sexual abuse and any form of sexual violence. Services are offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese and ASL with other languages as needed, through certified interpreters for adolescents and adults survivors of all genders as well as their family, partners and friends.

What is a sexual assault counselor?
A “sexual assault counselor” is a peer who (A) is employed by or is a volunteer in a rape crisis center; (B) has undergone a minimum of thirty-five hours of training (at Pathways for Change our counselor training is over 50 hours); (C) reports to and is under the direct supervision of a licensed social worker/therapist (D) has the primary purpose of rendering options, counseling, or assistance to survivors of sexual violence and their non-offending family and friends.

All Pathways for Change Peer Counselors, Advocates and Facilitators are Rape Crisis Center certified sexual assault counselors who are well informed because they have completed the specialized training. Our counselors provide a safe environment to individuals and support them while they are working toward healing. We are here to provide you non-judgmental, empowering and knowledgeable support because we understand that you know what’s best for you. A counselor is always available to offer you; support, information and assistance in getting connected to counseling services.

  • 24/7/365 Hotline: 1-800-870-5905
  • Deaf & HOH individuals can access the hotline 24/7 via
    • MassRelay (711) or
    • Video Relay: 866-327-8877
  • En Español: 800-223-5001(24/7)
  • Voice: 508-852-7600 (Weekdays 9a-5p)
  • Video Phone: 508-502-7681 (Weekdays 9a-5p)
  • TTY: 888-887-7130 (Weekdays 9a-5p)
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