Sexual Assault Youth Education (SAYE) Program

For more information, or to bring the SAYE Program to your school or organization, please contact Bailiner Cruz at 508-852-7600 x126 or SAYE@PathwaysforChange.Help

The role of the SAYE Program is to raise awareness of the incidence and myths about sexual assault, and to have a role in building and expanding the resiliency factors and strengths of communities.

Sexual Assault Youth Education (SAYE) Program

By working in positive ways toward shared goals with the community, we can have an impact on the root causes of sexual assault. We recognize that every community has resiliency factors that can be identified and enhanced. By enhancing these factors, we play a role in proactive prevention, by changing the community conditions that affect the incidence and impact of sexual assault.​

  • We provide educational services in 47 cities and town in Central MA to schools and organizations
  • We offer 45 minute training sessions (from 4 – 7 sessions). In order for the testing results to be valid, a 4 session minimum is needed.
    Workshop Topics include:


    • Bystander
    • Healthy Relationship
    • Gender Based Violence
    • Consent
    • Healthy sexuality
    • Social Media Safety
    • Types of abuse
    • Bullying
  • We enhance the general knowledge, and help individuals identify as agents for change.
    • We work to improve systems of reporting and coordination of services.
    • We enhance the network of support for Survivors.
    • We challenge the myths related to sexual violence.
    • We support the development of programs and activities that strengthen families, build community, and challenge isolation.

The target population for this program is individuals middle and High school age.

MVP and Safe Dates curriculums. In addition to the use of the Safe Dates curriculum, specialized programming addresses the needs of linguistic and cultural minorities, the LQBTQ+ population, and youth from rural communities.

The SAYE program has incorporated the development of comprehensive prevention strategies through a continuum of activities that address all levels of the social ecological model.

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