Worcester County Clothesline Project

If your organization is interested in hosting a display, please contact Wendy Aguilar, Assistant Outreach Director at (508) 852-7600 or outreach@pathwaysforchange.help

The Worcester County Clothesline Project (WCCP) started in 1992 as a collaborative effort between agencies and women’s groups to bring the issues of violence against women into the public domain. Shirt displays continue to be requested by communities, colleges, high schools, churches and women’s groups. The project is committed to continue collaboration with these groups, to create a strong voice for change.

We provide opportunities for those who wish to make shirts expressing their own experience or t-shirts can be made for someone you know that was sexually abused or assaulted. T-shirts can also be made to represent domestic violence survivors, people who were assaulted or murdered because they were non-heterosexual and people who were murdered because of the abuse. Throughout the year, displays are scheduled at various places in and around Worcester County.

worcester county clothesline project
two women in front of a clothesline project display
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