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At Pathways for Change, Inc. we operate from a set of values that are called “Fundamental Beliefs”.

Those values are:

  • The perpetrator is responsible. Always.
  • No one deserves to be sexually assaulted or abused.
  • It is never about what the survivor did or who they are; what they wore; where they went, etc. that caused someone to violate them.
  • Survivors made the best choices that were available to them at the time of the assault or abuse.
  • The survivor is the expert in their own experiences, needs, choices, and healing.
    Healing is Possible!

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In Their Own Words

May you aren’t sure if counseling services is right for you. Below are comments provided to us from individuals who sought services from Pathways for Change.

“This agency has saved my life!”

“[My Counselor] is awesome. I’ve been to a lot of counselors and stuff but [my counselor] is by far the best?”

“Thank you!”

“Coming here has made me be able to cope with years of anger and frustration. I am able to control things and have a better perspective on life without bad actions [and I] understand my feelings better.”

“I have gained a lot more than I expected. I am strong and I believe in myself once again. There is a great difference in my life. I know that it wasn’t my fault I came in here I blamed myself for whatever happened to me and I did not have hope for a good life again.”

“[I now have the] strength and courage to overcome the abuse in my life.”

“A very good program and I enjoy [my counselor] very much. She is wonderful and compassionate and says all the right words.”

“I am very pleased with the services provided to me. I haven’t felt this secure in a long time. Thank you!”

“This is my third Healing Circle. I’ve learned so much from our discussions. Topics are appropriate and feedback from the group has helped me heal. I know it’s a long road for me- I feel good about my future because of this group.”

“This is a safe, supportive environment for me. Our group has helped me feel stronger- more able to see goals for my future. [The facilitators] are a wonderful team. Thank you!”

“In my opinion this place has helped me to overcome the worst period in my life and with the tools to get to the other side without stumbling or if I did the ability to make corrections and pick myself up and continue on my life’s journey.”

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