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Face To Face

(For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please call the main office Monday -Friday 9a-5p and ask to speak to a counselor or click here.

“I now have the strength and courage to move from Survivor to Thriver.”

Any form of Sexual Violence is a traumatic experience that may cause (partial list below):

  • Trouble sleeping/insomnia, nightmares/night fears
  • Fear of intimacy, inability to have meaningful relationships, etc.
  • Changes in your appetite, coping skills that harm your body (i.e. substance use )
  • Unable to concentrate, memory issues, difficulty processing information
  • Anxiety, increased stress, triggers, flashbacks, etc.

It is NORMAL to have some (or many) of the above after experiencing any type of sexual violence, regardless of how much time has passed. You may have other feelings and/or exhibit other behaviors, all of which are VERY NORMAL to experience.

Through FREE and CONFIDENTIAL face to face support counseling, healing is possible. Pathways for Change provides support counseling services to sexual violence survivors, their families, friends and significant others. Why provide counseling to families and friends? At Pathways for Change we know when families and friends are supported, they will have the knowledge and understanding to also be a support to you.

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